Utica Covered Bridge










Investigators: Jamie, Kelly and Ethan

Utica Covered Bridget is located in Thurmont, MD.  It is said that the bridge is haunted by the ghost of a boy who drowned in the river under the bridge in 1872.  There have been reports of glowing apparitions crawling from the water up onto the bank and ghostly cries for help.  Some have also seen a young boy standing on the bridge with wet hair and clothes who disappears.  This bridge originally spanned the Monocacy River where Devilbiss Bridge is now.  The Utica Bridge was destroyed in the Johnstown flood.

While checking out the bridge for future investigations, we did have an unusual experience.  While standing under the bridge we heard what sounded like a car only the sound started in the center of the bridge and stopped before reaching the other side.  We looked and saw no car, bike, motorcycle, etc that could have made the sound.  Upon inspecting the bridge, we determined that there was no way that a lone person could have made the same noise.  Also, we stayed and witnessed several cars crossing the bridge.  All the cars could be heard from a distance and all made noise from one end of the bridge to the other.

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